• Advisors exclusively focused on the food industry

    Blueberry is a team of professionals who are experts in the end-to-end aspects of the food industry.


    Founded in 2000, we provide over 40 years combined experience working with all major classes of trade.


    A key resource to chief executives, our work enables organizations to rise to the challenges of the 21st century operating environment.


    Right-sized, tightly-focused, thoroughly clued-up and tuned-in.

  • "Blueberry is an exceptional firm that finally helped us 'turn the corner' in delivering the results we expect. We were so impressed with the quality of their service that we continued to engage them to help drive our change management and implementation plans."


  • Here's what we know for sure

    No organization can or will remain relevant in the 21st century food industry without being world-class at doing these two things at the same time:

    1. Improving the present
    2. Inventing the future

    Both critical "engines" must co-exist, side-by-side, on equal footing in the organization.


    We know this for sure, and our services are built entirely around helping food companies do just that.

  • "Blueberry helps companies understand, not just explain, what's happening in the food industry...

    ...and then leverage it to their full advantage."

    - DEBRA BACHAR, blueberry president

  • What we do: Improve and Invent

    In collaboration with the client's executive team, with Blueberry as facilitators:


    Each engagement begins by mapping the environment, from industry forces to economic infrastructures, from global markets to regulatory and technology trends.


    We "roam" and analyze the map to prioritize and rank issues most significant to the business, uncovering and linking near and longer term impacts.


    Then we undertake a comprehensive Improve and Invent workshop designed to deliver better results within the client's current business model while simultaneously searching and inventing new growth engines to insure the organization's relevance, value creation, and growth in the future.


    Improve and Invent focus areas:


    Improve the present

    • New market opportunities
    • Refreshed value propositions
    • Cost containment, reduction
    • Turnaround, restructure
    • Revenue acceleration
    • Resource reallocation
    • Competitive advantage

    Invent the future

    • Investor-grade growth engines
    • Re-engineered revenue streams and cost structures
    • Break-away differentiation
    • New partnerships and alliances
    • Diversified business concepts
    • Business transformation
    • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Blueberry's value promise

    • In-the-moment knowledge and ahead-of-the-moment implications of food industry developments.
    • Fresh thinking perspectives and judgment.
    • Custom, tailored recommendations; nothing off the shelf.
    • Objective, unbiased and candid, 100% of the time.
    • A genuine spirit of partnership with our clients.
  • "Blueberry defines quality industry knowledge, trust, honesty and candor. We consider them one of our competitive advantages. They deliver value that will last well into our future."

    - ceo, national supermarket chain

  • Debra Bachar

    President of Blueberry, Debra's corporate career includes executive roles with domestic and global food manufacturers. Consulting since 2000, she has earned the reputation as a successful business transformation specialist developing breakthrough growth and profit enhancement initiatives for food industry clients. In addition to public speaking and producing a series of white papers for the industry, Debra served as Vice Chair of Executive Programs and Chair of Top to Top for The Women's Foodservice Forum.

    Scott Norman

    An exceptional professional career spanning over 28 years, Scott's corporate history lists prominent public and private consumer packaged goods companies. Joining Blueberry in 2008, his track record of revenue growth enables clients to successfully develop sales and sales management techniques that optimize customer relationships and translate complex growth objectives into successful field implementation.

    Subject Matter Experts

    Blueberry contracts Technical, Digital, Human Resources, Lean and other SMEs and practitioners when necessary or as requested to advance client objectives.

  • "Blueberry's unique perspectives changed our business and set us on our growth path."